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Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd has been building on its reputation as an unconventional construction company since 1971. Our job goes beyond just and gaining short term customer satisfaction. Our goal is to establish long term client relationships. We do business with a handshake that’s backed by our reputation. We work hard for our client, for our community, and to preserve our reputation for excellence, performance and cost effectiveness. 

Sripalie brings you state-of-the-art techniques, completing your job on time and under budget, while delivering the highest level of quality in line with project requirements. The same consistent quality and attention to detail shows up on every job, regardless of the size or amount. It’s simply the way Sripalie works. Read more >>

Construction & Completion of Residential Buildings for Hambantota District General Hospital.

Exceeding Excellence

Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd is a leading construction company with C-1 grade for Building Construction and SP-1 for Floor, Wall & Ceiling Finishes (FW&C), Carpentry & Joinery (Carp) and Aluminum & Finishes (A&F) in Finishing Trades and EM-2 for Some Electrical & Mechanical fields with the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Standard.

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