The Board of Directors

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. P.H Ruwan De Silva
Mr. P.H. Ruwan De Silva Chairman / Managing Director of Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd, have dedicated more than 30 years towards the family run construction company since 1985. Becoming the Chairman / Managing Director after the demise of his father P.H. Gilbert De Silva, he led the firm to become the CIDA - C1 grade along with my two brothers P.H. Chandana De Silva and P.H. Rishantha De Silva.

Thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. A Decisive leader who grew his construction company to be one of Sri Lanka’s leading construction companies through effective strategic planning, creative sales techniques, efficient marketing and a highly motivated team of employees. Successful in building relationships with top decision makers and delivering on customer commitments. Proven track record of improving revenue and growing profit while spearheading operational improvements to drive productivity and reduce costs. Passionate about contributing to the development of the Construction industry in Sri Lanka through active participation in multitude of trade organizations.

Notwithstanding his busy schedule of business activities, he has allocated his time on following institutional and social activities by having their memberships to fulfill social responsibilities while enhancing my own personality among the others.

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Mr. P.H Chandana De Silva


Mr. P.H Rishantha De Silva

Role of the Managing Director

The Chairman of Sripalie Contractors presides over the Board of Directors and the business execution of the Company is headed by a Finance & Administration Director. This creates a system under which the Chairman is responsible for overall company vision, business strategy and decision-making whilst he oversees overall business execution through the Finance & Administration Director. The Managing Director needs to be more abreast of the details within the business in a more ‘hands on’ role. However, due to the availability of a very strong Board of Directors and Management Team at Sripalie to manage each aspect of these operations (Finance, Administration, Development, Design & Quality Assurance and Operations etc.), the role of our Managing Director is limited to overseeing & reviewing their performance.

The Management Team

“The management team of Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd is responsible to carry on & streamline the company’s processes. Sripalie Contractors (Pvt) Ltd is a premier construction company, all members of the management are required to possess educational and professional qualifications pertaining to his/her field of responsibility. Several of our senior management members have the past experiences on the industry which is beyond the 8 years. Since the members of the governing body are responsible for the performance of the entire company, each member’s scope is often evaluated by the Board of Directors. The company assesses the performance of each sector/department managed by our senior management and they are accountable to the Board for their performance.