• Project Location:-
  • Project Name:-

Construction and Completion of Consultant Quarters (Block-A), MO’s Quarters (Block-B) Other Staff Quarters (Block-C) & Director’s Quarters (Block-D)

  • Contract No:-

Contract No: – 11/ENP/HB/BD/01/008

  • Client:-

M/s. ENRAF-NONIUS B.V (EN-Projects)
Operational Office, Hampden House,       
Monument Business Park,
Chalgrove, Oxford,OS447RW, United Kingdom.

  • Consultant:-

M/s. Design Advocacy (Pvt) Ltd.
No. 30/6, Bagatale Road,

  • Scope of the Project:-

The work consist of following residential facilities;

Consultants Quarters (Block A), Concrete framed building block with masonry and finishes (Ground and 3 storied) building block with an approximate floor area of 3,040 m2. MOS Quarters (Block B), Concrete framed (Ground and 2 storied) building block similar to above with an approximate floor area of 1,512 m2. Other Staff  Quarter   (Block  C),  Concrete  framed  (Ground  and  2  storied) building block similar with an approximate floor area  of 2,575 m2. Director’s Quarter (Block D), Concrete framed 2 storied building block with an approximate floor area of 230m2